Bicycle Talk Episode 346:  May 22nd  2023:   Ron’s Rant:  Tempo Atmosferico  UCI and Helicopters at the Giro? Really? And, Cancer Sucks. Shout out and best wishes to Tom Danielson.   On a positive side:  The Giro! Exciting!  Rest day today.  Brandon the Fighter.  Ride of Silence was Wednesday evening May 17th 7:00 pm.   May is still National Bike Month. Mechanical minute and cycling tips:  Invest in a trailer. Resolves all issues, your child is happier and so much safer.  Content:  Giro results and reports from rest day #2 in Italy. Giro Gets Crazy; How Many Riders Have COVID? UCI Outburst Over Helicopters.  Brandon Alexander McNulty and Stage 15!  Here comes Stage 16, 18,19, and 20, a 18 km uphill time trial. Wow!  Ron reflects on the 2023 Ride of Silence. CT Transportation bill HB-5917.   Events and Finishing Points.