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Bicycle Talk Episode 325

Bicycle Talk Episode 325:  December 19th 2022:   Ron’s Rant:  I cannot tell you how many times I hear, So just build it here!  I know we are all hearing this these days but industry expert Jay Townley tells us why this is not so easy. More in the show  On a positive side:  Always a Shout out to  Billy “too tall” Doujac and Laura Mullaley. Best wishes from Fran  and I for speedy recoveries.  Happy Holidays From Fran and PedlinRon!  Mechanical minute and cycling tips: Time of the year to address wind chill and your bicycle. I know I talk about this every year, but let’s dive into the reason I am always appearing to be overdressed when I ride my bike outside.   Content: What do you want for a holiday present. Support you LBS or your favorite Bicycle charity. Also makes a great gift suggestion. The brutal truth about re-shoring. Ron discusses and evaluates a recent article by Jay Townley, Industry Guru about why we can’t make bikes here yet. Beyond Ciclovia: Five Lessons on Sustainable Transportation from Colombia.  Events and finishing points.