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Bicycle Talk Episode 320

Bicycle Talk Episode 320:  November 14th, 2022:  Ron’s Rant: Ron calls out people who do not give back to their sport or volunteer to local events.  On a positive side:   Another  shout out to Too Tall Billy and Laura Mullally. Cross Nationals coming to Hartford!  If you were there last time (2017) you know what excitement exists!  Ron guides his listeners to a sign up sheet to help with this year’s national championships. All volunteers will receive a wristband which gives you access to the event from December 6 – 11.   Mechanical minute and cycling tips:   Ron talks about storing your bicycle for the winter. Things to check over  and how to hang the bike so it is safe and secure. Content:  Cadence Training – Should You Take It For A Spin.  Cadence drills from Kreitler Rollers  Study Shows Painted Bike Lanes Aren’t Enough.  Why the paint in the road indicating a bike lane is not a great idea. Industry notes. The Bicycle Game, The celebration of the opening of this exhibition is scheduled to take place in-person at 1 Elizabeth Street, Hartford, CT 06105.  November 17th!  opening reception. Learn the history of Hartford CT and Cycling. Events and finishing points.