This week, I talked about my connection to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. When I lived in Canada, I was a permanent resident so I was able to get Canadian citizenship after 3 years, so I did! Canada is part of the British commonwealth. That means I willingly became a subject of the Queen, and now the King! God willing, in my lifetime I will experience three British monarchs: Queen Elizabeth II, Charles III, and whatever William decides to call himself. I’ll be in my 70s when Charles is in his 90s. But Queen Elizabeth has been a cultural icon in so many ways my whole life, through so many eras and political trends! She was always an underlying constant to world culture, from her participation in World War II to the advent of information technology to pop culture. God Save the Queen by the Sex Pistols and Her Majesty by the Beatles come to mind. I can’t help feeling sad that this long-standing, intelligent, talented. humorous, kind lady has gone to spend time now with her beloved Phillip. God Save the Queen! Long live King Charles!

Back to health stuff. Today was a good day for an overview of basic healthy eating, with recommendations and suggestions. What’s the best diet for you? Same as exercise: the one you’ll eat! It IS a good idea if there are a lot of plant-based, high fiber foods in the diet, unless you are on a healthy ketogenic diet and that works for you. But focusing on healthy, whole, unprocessed foods, no matter how you get to eat them, will help to keep you in good heatlh for the long term.