Bicycle Talk Episode 308:  August 15th, 2022:  Ron’s Rant: Why you should always stop at a red light.  On a positive side:   Ron and Fran reflect on their lovely ride on Sunday to a small cafe in Willimantic. It’s Steeplechase Bike Tour week. and  A  shout out to Too Tall Billy! You have a big ride tomorrow and we will all be cheering for you.  Mechanical minute and cycling tips:  Look over that bike today for this Saturday’s event. And never over or underestimate the fitness that you are in for a cycling event.  Content:   It’s Steeplechase Time! This Saturday, August 20th,  in Willimantic CT. Ron explains the 31 year event and talks about the founder Ed Austin. A humorous look at cyclists:   22 Signs That You’ve Got A Serious Road Cycling Addiction22 Signs That You’ve Got A Serious Road Cycling Addiction.  More local events this week.  SteepleChase Bike tour.   Lots of great cycling coming up soon. and finishing points.