Bicycle Talk Episode 294:   May 9th, 2022:  Ron’s Rant:  Florida hills. I hate the wind! Spring and  the leaves on the trees cannot come soon enough.  On a positive side: It’s been a year. May 11th 0f 2021 I was in the hands of my heart surgeon. Wow time fly’s. 105th edition of the Giro d’Italia!   Mechanical minute and cycling tips:  E-Bike giving you trouble? Be sure to check the fuse. Ron reflects on his e-bike repair.Content: Ron talks about the Giro de  Italia 2022.  Also talks abut amazing wattage of professional cyclists. So let’s talk about Cav.    Just like the good old days. And a shout out to Sonny Leon: I know horse racing, but bear with me here..  Ron relates to cycling and sprints.  Buying Speed: Simon Yates breaks the bank.  The Giro 2022: Tomorrow, it’s Etna. Let’s go climb a volcano!  Ron explains the jerseys and their significance and colors related to them. Also, the route in this years Giro. The Bicycle Industry:  E-rehab market growing along with e-bike popularity. Shimano sells Pearl Izumi:  Employee ownership. Ron talks about Landry’s Bicycles and how they sold the business to the employees. Canadian Town Passes Next-Gen Parking Reform.  Local events, More local events this week. Women’s racing clinics, and finishing points.