• Bicycle Talk Episode 276: January 3rd 2022:  Ron’s Rant. Vision Zero lost its way in 2021. Can Eric Adams get it back? Ron rants on the former NYC Mayors history and is hoping for better from Mayor Adams. Eight Years of Vision Zero Ends with More Cars and More Death.  Have you been yelled at by a Tesla yet? Really? What are they thinking? On a positive side: A bump in the road update: Monthly progress report  And now for the Mayor NYC. Also American National Champion, Clara Honsinger is kicking it up in European Cyclocross. Big shout out to Lizzy Gonsalves  The Maintenance Minute:. My hands and feet are freezing. Suggestions to solve that problem.  Content: Ron talks about The new mayor of NYC and shares his personal resolutions for the new year 2022. Shouts out to Pete Buttigieg to please do something about MUTCD. The league works with tech companies developing AI in motorized vehicles. Events,  Local events, and finishing points.

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