Bicycle Talk Episode 275:  December 27th, 2021:  Ron’s Rant. The Windshield Perspective.  Make City Cops Bike Their Precincts

An annual requirement to ride in the bike lanes would go a long way toward changing their ‘windshield perspective.’ How our leaders and legislators see everything from the windshield of a motorized vehicle. Also Norman Garrick responds: Storrs pedestrian fatality It’s speed stupid! On a positive side: A bump in the road update: Monthly progress report  Off of the Beta Blockers! Fran watched me dump them out!  Big shout out to BICICO  Also Big shout out to New Haven CT City Engineer Giovanni Zinn  New Havener of the year. The Maintenance Minute:. Maintenance schedules and the end of the outdoor season. Content: Ron talks about Norman W. Garrick’s comments about the pedestrian fatality in Storrs. Ron addresses,  Make City Cops Bike Their Precincts. BiCiCo in the news along with other cities and programs nationwide.  Reflections of 2021. Active transportation infrastructure and policy. Moving forward!  Good news for your brain health and health in general.  World Cyclocross. Mariana Vos.  Local events, and finishing points.