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Edge of Empathy
Edge of Empathy- Series 1: Death Penalty Witnesses- Part 1

There’s always something going on in our heads. The traffic accident that you gawk at on your way to work, the birds outside your window, the person on the bus vibing in front of you… What are their stories? If we want to get a little more serious, what about an inmate’s last meal on death row? Or how about the undercover life of a sex worker?

Welcome to the Edge of Empathy where I cover niche communities and topics and try to make them relatable. There’s always a message to be found somewhere, even in the darkest corners. I hope you’ll sit with me and discover those messages with me.

This is the first episode of the Edge of Empathy. It is also the first part of a three-part series on people who bear witness to the death penalty. This episode covers journalists and their duty to report honestly and transparently on executions.

The journalists interviewed in the episode are Scott Kimbler, Danielle Ferguson, Joseph Brown, Jeffrey Collins, and Sean Murphy.

Scott Kimbler is a news anchor for iHeart Media. Danielle Ferguson is an investigative reporter at South Dakota News Watch. Joseph Brown is the editor of the Huntsville Item in Texas. Jeffrey Collins is a reporter for the Associated Press. Sean Murphy is a Capitol correspondent for the Associated Press.