I started with a serious reminder that the pandemic is not over. People of the United States are only 47% fully vaccinated, and there are hot spots in areas where people are largely unvaccinated. It’s still a good idea to avoid congregate setting when you can, mask when you can’t, and if you go to the gym, place of worship, or a place to sing, consider whether people are vaccinated, the extent of ventilation, and whether it’s best to wear a mask. COVID-19 spreads by aerosols, and the more aerosol you breath the more virus you can inhale. It’s not time to completely let down our guard.

On to a lighter note: health and beauty aids! I talked about micellar water which is all the rage right now! That, and why you might want to use toner. I also talked about sunscreens and some ingredients and nutrition to protect against skin cancer.

About The Author

I am Zachary Kopacz, a Computer Engineering major at the University of Connecticut.

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