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Hasan Oswald quit his teaching job, bought a camera, and went solo to one of America’s most dangerous cities; Camden, New Jersey. In this city, he became the Director, Producer, and Filmer of the now-famous documentary Higher Love. Higher Love received a 100% on rotten tomatoes, a 9.3/10 IMDB rating, and countless film festival awards. 

This documentary follows Daryl Gant, a father of eight, as he tries to save his- Heroin and Crack-Cocaine addicted- pregnant girlfriend Nani. Alongside this, their friend Iman; who was once a drug dealing kingpin in Camden, is now struggling with his own addiction.

Tune in to hear the process that went into this film, what was cut out, and some interesting details about the film itself. 

Website – www.higherlovefilm.com

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