Bicycle Talk Episode 243:  April 5th 2021: Ron’s Rant.  WIND  Multi use trail and bike path speeds and consideration. The horse dilemma!  Shawn Bradley incident continued.  Accident vs crash? 3 foot law enforcement, anyone ever see a citation?  On a positive side:  The Blue heron’s are back! Shawn Bradley crash: A sports reporter who referred to Shawn’s situation as a crash said, It was encouraging to hear that he is in good spirits and looks forward to using his extended, intercontinental reach to educate others and emphasize to them the importance of bike safety. The Maintenance Minute: Tubular Tires  People still ride those things? Content: Ron talks about horses vs bicycles and pedestrians,, multi use trails, who are they for? Accident vs crash or collision? The 3 foot law. Where is it in law and moreover is it ever enforced?  Riding in the wind. Local events in the next few months, and finishing points.