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DesignedBlack: Amplified Ep. 1

In DesignedBlack’s first episode of Amplified, e-board members introduce themselves and talk about personal experiences at UConn as a black digital creative. Amplified is a chance for black creatives to speak about issues that concern us through a non-traditional perspective: a creative one.  


  • Solange Wright, President
  • Isaiah Edwards, Vice-President
  • Valerie Fonseca-Lopes, Secretary

Technical Producers:

  • Darrel McDowell
  • Jasmine Barrow

Song mentioned at the beginning: Red Roses by Montez

This episode was recorded on October 30, 2020.

DesignedBlack is an on-campus organization that showcases, promotes, and broadcasts the projects/ideas from UConn’s black digital creatives. Follow us on instagram @designedblk.

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