Bicycle Talk Episode 223: November 16th 2020: Ron’s Rant.  Wet leaves! Ouch. A friend had a bad experience with them this past weekend and ended up with a fractured shoulder. Ouch! 6 weeks and she will be back to normal.  In the be careful who’s listening department: ‘I am committed to keep learning’: Chloe Dygert  apolagises for controversial social media conduct On a positive side: The positive benefits of riding with a mask. Ron reflects on yesterday’s ride. and Barr Mitts. and Bells on bikes Update from airline trail north. The Maintenance Minute: Patent Watch: Two companies offer wireless shifter adapters as SRAM application touts similar technology Content: Ron talks about his 12 step program for bicycles and fitness. With Covid on the rise, 6 tips to carry your summer bicycle habit into the fall. 7 commuting tips for first time commuters. How to stay warm and dry.  Events calendar and final thoughts.