Bicycle Talk Episode 218: October 12th 2020: Ron’s Rant. Water bottles, the good, the bad, and the ugly. What happens when waterbottles go wrong. On a Positive Side:  Met a new family of friends yesterday on the Airline Trail North, Let’s hear it for Ernie and Nicki and their son, Benjamin!. Benjamin is 6, about to turn 7 years old.  The Giro! It continues. Rest day today with lots more action to come. Update from airline trail north.  The Maintenance Minute:  Tires for the unpaved rail trails. 700*28,30,32’s?  How about a hybrid or mountain bike?  Content: Ron talks to a listener about entry level trainers. Giro d’Italia standings  General classification after stage nine:  Interior Department officially approves e-bike policy. Lots of talk about that crystal ball and bicycles in the future.  BikeCo’s Frank Zimmer: ‘It will be June of 2021 before we’re fully back on track.’Events and Finishing Points: Families on bikes. How do we promote this even more?