Bicycle Talk Episode 206: July 13th 2020. Ron’d Rant: Covid. Do we have this all wrong? Get outside. Hiding indoors is not the answer. Be smart mask up and get out into the fresh air.   Shimano’s chairman emeritus and former chairman Yoshizo Shimano died of chronic heart failure at 85 on July 3. On a positive side:  We are back to very small group rides (6 or less) and I would like to thank my friends and riding partners for respecting the rules of engagement (or shall we say disengagement) while riding. 

Also: The 20 is plenty campaign: More information later on the show. The Maintenance Minute: What’s with that old bike in your garage, basement, barn, etc. I would like to talk this week about resurrecting it and giving it away to someone who would benefit from the bike.  Show Content: The future without cars. Great story from the New York Times. Also, 20 is plenty campaign. Ron and Fran explore “Everesting”. What’s that all about. How the bike boom is shifting cycling infrastructure   From the Trek Bicycle Blog page.  The calendar.  Finishing Points:   20 MPG on all city streets. What do you think? It’s a really good solution to an increasing problem with cycling and pedestrian safety. The “Inconvenience” to motorized traffic is exactly what we need to educate people about alternative self propelled transportation. What is your town doing about this? Have you spoken to your town about the possibilities?