Bicycle Talk Episode 205: July 6th 2020 Ron’s Rant. British town reacts to motorists demand to give back a section of road dedicated to cyclists. Really? Now? On a positive side:  Approach your town or municipality about a safe bike lane. Pick a particularly popular cycling road and address the motorized vehicle situation. You can make this happen. 

Maintenance Minute: The carbon creak solution. How to clean and maintain your seat and seat post. Content: More cancelations. Remember the doping scandal from a few years ago?USA Cycling Cancels Road, Mountain, and Track National Championships for 2020. Article from the NY Times:  Could New York Finally Become a Bike City?A 102-year-old bicycle shop in Queens did big business during the Spanish flu, the Depression and the oil crisis of the 1970s. But the pandemic poses a new challenge for a new age.  Ron discusses the possibilities. Events and Finishing points. Lets get active with more than just riding our bikes.