This week, I first addressed the term “lockdown”. I strongly discourage the use of the word because it magnifies the panic, fear, and drama present during the pandemic. At  no point in the US has anyone been manditorily “locked down” in their homes on pain of legal repercussion. We have all been able to leave our homes to exercise and access essential services. I recommend using calmer terms like “stay at home”, “stay safe stay home”, physical (not social) distance, and Wash Your Hands and Wear A Mask. Let’s use word that bring us together supportively. Also, let’s use words that accurately describe what we’re doing!

I also addressed the two doctors from Bakersfield, California, and discussed their premises, the public reaction to them, and my own thoughts. I don’t agree that there is no need for masks and modifying how we do business!

Also, sourdough is all the rage. Why is it good for you? Ron and I are going to try to make it gluten free!