Bicycle Talk Episode 203:  June 22nd 2020. Ron’s Rant: Looting and Bicycle Shops. A Philadelphia shop owner speaks out. Positive Side: Mountain Laurels in Connecticut and Happy birthday to the greatest cyclist of all time. Eddy Merckx turned 75 years-old last Wednesday.  Maintenance Minute: The annoying creak and what kind of bar tape is good for you. Content. Bike market skyrockets, with sales up 75% in April . Coronavirus: ‘Your new bike won’t be in stock until 2021’ – the cycle search frenzy . Hearing more about people having trouble with motivation due to the lack of group rides. Motivation, what you can do to help improve your motivation. 10 tips. British Cycling announces next steps in return to riding events after coronavirus lockdown. Finishing Points: Looking for feedback from listeners.