Bicycle Talk Episode 202:  Ron’s Rant: The Lenco Bearcat. Don’t know what that is and how it connects to bicycles? Keep listening. Also more talk on improper use of Police Bicycles. Positive Side: Trek’s Dick Burke responds. And one of my favorite things this time of year, the wild roses. Maintenance Minute: Direct concern from bicycle shop owner on the qualities of the bikes coming through his door right now. And Rod discusses “floating cassettes”.  A little more discussion on House draft transportation bill contains $6.3B for biking and walking infrastructure.  Police bikes and the positive use of the product taken from 3 different police training areas. Why we need more bike cops!  The E-Bike brand map is changing. It’s amazing how much has changed in just one year. Finishing Points: So, Crazy year wouldn’t you agree? If you are a bicycle police officer, lets get back to what you were taught, not how you react in a peaceful situation. And you e-bike advocates and disputable hater’s? Let’s rethink the e-bike situation. It’s here, it’s happening, and it’s going to grow. Rapidly. Events?