Ron and I are committing to recording our shows in our DOWNSTAIRS LIVING ROOM until we are permitted back into the student union! This week we simply recorded them into Ron’s computer, and next week Ron is determined to have us simulcast on FACEBOOK LIVE. Oh boy!

So, I talked about a new topic today: COVID-19.  As if there’s anything else to discuss! So this time, I talked about Doing the 5: hands, arm, elbow, feet, feel. I also discussed the psychiatric impact the pandemic will have on people. Also, I discussed that there are many people, especially entrepreneurs and small business owners, as well as hourly workers, whose businesses will suffer terribly economically. Our beloved Coriander Cafe in Eastford, CT has shuttered its doors for good, and there’s more to come. We talked about how the actual stress of the pandemic may increase the risk of some catching the virus due to stress! We also reminded people of all the great herbs that can calm the cytokine storm, the actual event that causes SARS. 

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