The whole Coronavirus thing is scary. It’s a new strain that hasn’t been seen in humans before, 2019-nCoV. It likely came from an animal vector from a market where exotic animals are purchased for food. This virus is good a mutating and evolving, which is why so many people can catch it. However, you’re much more likely to catch influenza, a cold or the flu! There is no vaccine against coronavirus at this time. So, the best way is to do the usual antiviral prevention: clearing nose, hands, and throat, avoiding processed food, sugar and starch, and too much alcohol and caffeine; get rest, and take certain herbs and supplements. Nothing really exotic!

I also shared some clinical pearls. Learn about chalcones for inflammation, turmeric, and pomegranate.

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  1. cheryl

    I am 70 and want to take precautions regarding this dangerous virus.
    What would you recommend as supplements etc. Anything of importance
    to keep healthy would be greatly appreciated. Also my family needs to benefit
    from your advice as well.
    Thank you