February 5th 2020 Bicycle Talk Episode 184  Ron’s Rant:  Stop putting bike lanes in the door zone. Dooring is real! On a positive side: World Cyclocross Championships. How the US riders and others faired.  Maintenance minute: This week it’s not about the bike but about maintaining your body. Yes, the precious motor that drives your bike. The Super Bowl add with Bill Murray and a Jeep Fat Bike. Content:  Coronavirus and it’s effect on the bicycle industry. Updates as of the 3rd of February. Many concerns about the Taipei International Bicycle Show. Chinese not invited? Really? Another update on the Trump Tax Tariffs and an extension for all until August of 2020. Good news for bicycle industry people and consumers. What to do after being hit by a motorized vehicle. Bike Law. Cyclocross planning for the CT Series this fall. Events: Local and National. Thread City Century set for July of 2020. 

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  1. Juston Manville


    If you think “dooring” is bad, check out the bike lanes on North Eagleville Rd in Storrs. How did those get built? They basically end abruptly into parking. That forces the user into traffic and makes them vulnerable to get hit. Those bike lanes are abysmal. I’ll take my chances of getting “doored” on 195 over N. Eagleville. The short story is that CT has no clue when it comes to bike infrastructure.