January 22nd 2020 Bicycle Talk Episode 182  Ron’s Rant: More cycling deaths in Florida! What’s up with Florida?  In the put down your “bleeping: cell phone department, Florida in the news again:

Driver Who Killed Two Florida Cyclists Receives No Jail Time.  On a positive side: Fran and Ron are on Spotify! Special shout out to the staff and management at WHUS for getting us up and running on Spotify.

Maintenance minute: What Happens When You Leave Your Bike Outside. Ron talks about the eventual damage to your bicycle after leaving it out in the weather. Takes note at just how many bicycles are sen on campus rusting away. Ron talks about the “stages of destruction” of the neglected bike. 

Content: NY State delay the move to ban electric bicycles. Governor Cuomo now says he wants to legalize e-bikes/e-scooters but provides no detailsUpdate on the trade tariffs. Good news at least until August 2020. SAFE STREETS FOR EVERYONE: 21ST ANNUAL NATIONAL BIKE SUMMIT MARCH 15–17, 2020, ARLINGTON, VA | WASHINGTON, D.C.Are you interested in becoming an activist? Here is your opportunity. Ron talks about connecting with People for Bikes and their “Fly in” Dates. Froome to return to racing in February. Four-time Tour de France champion to race UAE Tour after eight months away from racing. USA Cycling has its eye on gravel.  Events: