Agents of Change
Agents of Change
Episode 9: Hind Fares and Jonathan Sosa, RESULTS

Hind and Jonathan are currently involved in RESULTS, a club on campus that focuses on ending poverty through political action. Hind is co-president and has been involved in the national chapter’s annual conference held in Washington, DC, where the leaders of various campuses discuss the largest issues and take action politically. These two discuss leading policy-driven roundtable discussions and taking advocacy further than just protests.

For those interested in becoming involved in RESULTS or have any questions, contact Hind (above) at and Jonathan (below) at

Agents of Change delves into the accessible resources around UConn’s campus that facilitate leadership. A diverse pool of candidates is interviewed to provide their unique stories of research on and off-campus. These students elaborate on frequently neglected factors of their journeys: inspirations, hindrances, and catalyzed leadership.