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Husky Nation News: Episode 36

Disclaimer: We Banjo 3 is performing at Jorgensen on Thursday, October 17, not Friday, at 7:30 p.m.

This podcast is a digital archive of the WHUS News Team broadcast which airs on 91.7 FM once a week.

This episode aired on October 4, 2019.

For the news, we covered UConn Parking Services issuing over $966,000 in parking tickets and fines during 2018, USG’s appointment of an interim-comptroller being found unconstitutional, and UConn’s Center for Mobile Health and Social Media trying to solve obesity via an app that helps people improve their eating habits using health psychology.

This week, our operations manager Aidan Brueckner hosted an interview with Fergal Scahill, a member of the popular celtgrass band, We Banjo 3. They talked about their upcoming concert at Jorgensen, the trolley problem, and the origin of the band’s name.

This episode was produced by Kara Murray and hosted by Ally Urban. 

This podcast is in collaboration with The Daily Campus and UCTV at the University of Connecticut. Ethan Smith is the creator of our theme music.

About The Author

Program Coordinator (he, him)

Jason is the program coordinator for WHUS radio. He provides advice, technical expertise, and operations support to the student leaders of WHUS.

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