We checked in with Ron again to see how he’s doing with his unfortunate Lyme and Hashimoto’s, and the reality is he’s got good days and bad days, but seeming to get some more of the good days. This is a long haul! I’m going to have to check his thyroid hormone levels to see where he’s at and if we need to adjust his meds.

Today I talked about Dan Buettner’s Blue Zones! Those are locations in the world where they have an unusually high percentage of healthy centenarians. Dan Buettner quantified 9 life characteristics that people in all the Blue Zones share: move naturally, purpose, downshift, 80% rule, plant slant, Wine at 5, right tribe. loved ones first, and belong! So they get good rest, eat until only 80% full, eat a lot of plants especially beans, drink moderate alcohol, have a spiritual practice, good family and social connections. Good common sense for a happy life! Also great for reducing stress and maintaining health.

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