This is the story of Karl Goldkamp, N.D., a naturopathic physician, who had some personal tragedies in his life. In short order, his beloved brother, who he supported with natural medicine, finally died of mutliple myeloma. His mother also passed. And his wife was found to have a benign brain tumor. That and the bankruptcy of his Connecticut business led him to severe stress, and an extremely severe case of Crohn’s/ulcerative colitis. He tried conventional therapy and that didn’t work. While feeling better after a blood transfusion, he sought out answers, and decided to do FMT, fecal microbiota transfer. The donor was his wife! (She recovered from her brain tumor.) This held off the acute symptoms. Then he researched and went to conferences, and learned all about the ketogenic diet. When he started eating this way, his Crohns/colitis completely resolved, and he has no signs or symptoms to this day. He and his wife Judy are mostly carnivores; most days they eat only animal protein, like steak, bacon and eggs, and they have homemade mayonnaise, and very small amounts of vegetables in relish form. They have also come up with a C8 fatty acid, C8-Keto, which is ketogenic friendly and an energizing source of fat. Karl now counsels people on the application of the ketogenic diet for health. Karl also engages in high intensity interval training and feels more fit and healthy than he did in his 20’s!