By Aidan Brueckner

The UConn Senior Scoop for the class of 2019 now has an official name: “Peanut Pretzel Paw Prints.”

The flavor for the class of 2019 is vanilla ice cream, with chocolate covered pretzels and a peanut butter caramel swirl.

Sabreena Mei, a UConn Senior, created the winning name which was announced on February 7.

Senior Scoop is a tradition that goes back to 2012, where the senior graduating class creates a unique ice cream flavor to celebrate the completion of their time at UConn.

The winning flavor is created by the Dairy Bar who also commemorates the creators with a plaque in their campus ice cream parlor.

Mr. Robert Bickley, Class of 2019, had a chance to sample the new flavor.

“The vanilla base flavor was the correct choice. Chocolate would have masked the flavor of the garnishes. The pretzels were also a nice touch, adding some texture to the scoop. However, they were largely overshadowed by the peanut butter and caramel of which the latter was certainly the strongest flavor. Overall a 3.75 out of 5,” Bickley says.