I discuss the pros and cons of seeing a naturopathic physician. What’s so great about us, anyway? Lots! We spend time with you, get to know you as a person, are very creative about helping you heal as an individual. We take a more holistic approach to all of your health concerns, including your pharmaceuticals. We are extensively trained in many kinds of natural medicine, including herbs, homeopathy, and nutrition. So what could be bad? Well, in Connecticut we can’t be your PCP or prescribe and manage your pharmaceuticals. That’s because of our very old, arcane law that has not been modernized since its enactment in 1923. We’re still working on it! Talk to your state representative!

Also, we talk about DIZZINESS. What is it, really? What are some direct causes? How can we treat it? Dizziness can be really minor, really serious, and somewhere in between! But, hit that gingko and ginger and they can help!