Today I had two guests, Joe Serrenho and John Norton. They have their own podcast. Go Health Yourself, which in itself is a great name! They are two young men in their early 30’s dealing with depression and mental illness, and they talk about how healthy living helps them to manage their depression. They are also both gearheads and interested in bicycling, motorbikes and active sports. John is a C5-6 quadriplegic! And he’s amazingly fit nonetheless! He broke his spine falling out of a tree. So he talks about how he manages his health with his challenges. They were both very inspiring! And Ron is going to figure out a way to PUT JOHN ON A TANDEM!!! Woo-hoo! And Joe talked about the Elephant in the Room, which is that PEOPLE JUST DON’T CONNECT. He is hopeful that we can all learn to have more meaningful connections with ourselves, each other, and the world!

So, healthy living, eating well and exercise help with mental illness!