Bicycle Talk Episode 103

Bicycle Talk: June 13th 2018

Ron’s Rant:  Cyclist Blaming Headlines. Ron talks about how when the press tells a story about a cyclist car/truck  altercation, there is a bias towards the motorized vehicle. On a positive side. The laws are changing and awareness seems to be happening. Mechanical minute. To blink or not to blink. Do you have blinking lights on your bike? It’s been 2 years since the “Chain Gang” was mowed down in Kalamazoo. Ron talks about the recent sentencing of the driver of the pickup truck that caused the incid

One Response

  1. Tim Norman

    Besides making you more visible when using blinking or flashing lights it also let’s your battery last longer in some cases even up to 10 times longer, than in steady mode. So it’s less likely to strand somewhere in the dark without lights.