We started off talking about the myriad of weight loss programs being advertised in every form of media: social, TV, radio of all kinds, even that old school deal, print! And how weight is a pressing issue in the US because >70% people have a BMI that puts them into that category. Before we had a chance to review programs and what works and what doesn’t, I talked about my main new year’s resolutions. One: Periodization. In my workouts, having hard days followed by easy days; respecting what I’ve done by harmonizing it with what I do next. I also hope to strive to do this in my everyday life: pair hard workdays with good quality rest, and also having down time that is just for me to recharge. I also talked about focusing in life on Practice instead of Success/Failure; instead of seeing something that doesn’t come out the way you want as a failure, simply troubleshoot, fine tune and continue the journey! If you’re not afraid of failure you’re more likely to try and do more stuff. I also want to REALLY PRACTICE letting other people be who they are.

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