Ron has some stern words for E-Bike Haters because they are judging people who need a little electronic boost to get up those hills right off the road. NOT COOL! Our guest, Victoria Nimirowski, is ecstatic about her new E-Bike because she can ride on roads that she couldn’t before. Some people will simply attach to their E-Bike, and others will be inspired to one day change to Pure Pedal Power! Either way is great, it gets you on the road and exercising out of the car! The main reason Victoria is here is because in her position as Director of the Williamantic Area Interfaith Ministry (WAIM), she is promoting the Steeple Chase Bicycle Tour, which is this Saturday, August 19, 2017! There are numerous ride distances, a walk/ride of 6 miles, then 25, 35, 50, 65, and 100 miles! You can sign up at and have people contribute donations. This year, the Jeffrey Ossen Foundation will match all donations, up to $70,000! So exciting, and supports great local organizations: WAIM, Perception Programs which helps people with substance abuse problems, and the No Freeze Shelter. I’ll be on my bike for the 100 miler, and Ron will play MC and DJ, and he created all the ride routes!

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  1. Billy Dudjoc

    Tell Fran the “Bike Snob” survey was a good survey……..She just didn’t like the her results LOL

    Love you Guys !!!