In order to be happy and healthy, you have to have a happy healthy environment in the world. I had a bad week of listening to media and being very frightened at the prospect of nuclear war between the US and North Korea. Then I was shocked to find that the day before the supposed missile launch, RADIO SILENCE. On the DAY of missile launch, somehow Kim Jon Un stood down. I felt like I’d been taken on a roller coaster ride of emotion by the media. This, followed by the White Supremacist rally in Charlottesville, accusations abounding, the horrific murder by car of Heather Heyer, an activist, by a white supremacist at the rally, and then our president’s subsequent mishandling and hateful rhetoric around the event. I vowed to take a media break and listen to some Jimmy Buffet and Grateful Dead! And take calming herbs like Motherwort, and anti-inflammatory ones like Goldenrod. And go revel in my friends and family and the wonderful nature all around us. Speaking of nature, today is a good day to observe, but maybe not go into, the waters at the coast, since there will be some great surf thanks to Hurricane Gert! (We’re already up to G, who knew?) And Monday, a great time to safely view the Total Eclipse of My Heart, I mean the Sun, with safety glasses or a homemade cardboard eclipse viewer! So, thank goodness, Gaia, aside from what we’ve done to her, is still mostly intact.