The results of the 2024 University of Connecticut joint elections have been released on the website. Elections were held from March 5 to March 7 and featured races for positions in Storrs Undergraduate Student Government (USG), Undergraduate Student Trustee to the Board of Trustees and referenda for fee increases for Tier-III organizations.

In total, 3,053 votes were cast in the USG races and fee increase referenda, and 4,045 were cast in the Undergraduate Student Trustee election. 

Lorien Tuoponse and Arunima Chaturvedi won the four-ticket race for USG Student Body President and Vice President with 33.11% of the vote. Mariam Vargas and Anastasia Charles finished a close second with 28.51% of the vote. Bryan Bussolari and Olivia DeLuca finished in third place with 21.27% and Jada Lexie and Heaven Buckham finished in fourth place with 17.11%. 

In other USG races, Tae’Niajha Pullen won the position of Chief Diversity Officer in a landslide over Josh Schulman with nearly 69% of the vote. Sydney Whittaker won the five-person race for Comptroller with 36.85% of the vote, finishing nearly 17 points ahead of second-place finisher Angelo Montes, who won 20.27% of the vote.

“I’m very honored that I get to continue on doing that work that I’m so passionate about,” Pullen said in an Instagram post on Thursday morning. “This is truly my pride and joy and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”

Meanwhile, Sean Dunn won the election for Undergraduate Student Trustee with 36.16% of the vote. Eric Meade, who also ran for the position last year, finished in second place with 24.27%. Haritha Subramanian, Zachary Boudah and Nahum Valiente finished in third, fourth and fifth place, respectively, with 17.08%, 14.21% and 8.25%.

In an Instagram post made Thursday morning, Dunn thanked his supporters and reiterated his campaign message of continuing work on university development. 

“There is much to be excited about looking forward to the next academic year, from research to new developments, athletics and arts to our growing enrollment,” Dunn said. “But there is more we must work on to drive our University to the place we know it can reach.”

None of the referenda for fee increases to The Daily Campus, Nutmeg Publishing, UCTV and USG were approved. Each of these proposals saw over 70% of voters vote against fee increases to fund Tier-III organizations. The highest “yes” total for a fee increase was won by USG at 27.18%. 

For the full breakdown of USG election results, as well as the results for USG Senate races, visit the USG Chief Justice’s report on the spring 2024 election results. For the full results from other races, visit the “2024 Joint Elections Results” page at 

Winners of the USG Presidential Election, Lorien Touponse and Arunima Chaturvedi, via the lorien.arunima.2024 Instagram account

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