Students at the University of Connecticut are one month into the Spring 2024 semester.

After spending the winter holidays at home with their families, students are now back on campus attending classes, club meetings, and athletic events. 

“My spring semester has been going well so far,” said first-year Journalism major Marisa Laviano. “I am very optimistic for the remainder of it as well; compared to last semester this semester has already been a million times better.” 

For new students, being back on campus has been an adjustment due to their unfamiliarity with the academic year. First-year students have been readjusting to receiving homework and attending classes regularly after their completion of their first semester and first winter break. 

Many of these students have set goals for themselves, “My goals this semester are to make more friends and find my people here at UConn,” said Laviano. With clubs and student organizations resuming, first year students have taken advantage of the opportunity to get involved while meeting their peers and forming relationships with them.

As for returning students, this semester has been an easy transition from the fall. 

Upperclassmen have been attacking this semester with their attention to assignment deadlines and drive to create projects for their peers.

“I’m getting two new pieces of mine played by ensembles in the fine arts department and I’m halfway done with a symphony orchestra suite,” said Junior Music major Mark Paine. “I also have a music video coming up that will be showcased in UConn Today that I’m really excited about.”

With this only being the start of the Spring 2024 semester, UConn students have been working hard academically and many have been looking forward to school wide events.

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