Last Wednesday, Feb. 7, UConn held the Involvement Fair in the Gampel Pavilion where students could access hundreds of clubs that are on Storrs campus. UConn is home to over 700 clubs. The Involvement Fair ran from 1:00 – 7:00 p.m. but if you didn’t catch it, don’t worry because you can go on UConntact to find anyone of these 700+ clubs. 

It was a packed stadium, students crowded the floor. It almost became hard to move down there but it was worth it. Sections of the floor were split up into different sections: Greek life, sports, entertainment, community outreach, and religious organizations. 

Some notable clubs from this event would be WHUS Radio, a Tier 3 organization that focuses on pushing forward new music and is labeled as “UConn’s sound alternative”. With different parts of the station that anybody could enjoy: Radio for DJs, News, Multimedia, Zine, Sports and so much more. 

A club that, literally, jumped out at me was the Student Body Fitness club where the Vice President came out of nowhere and dared me to press down as hard as I could on something that would count my grip strength. It was a very interesting way of getting my attention and he even told me to write down my number on the board where I could see many other students’ numbers. 

Next up, was the Outing Club that boasts impressive hikes, rock climbing and skiing trips that would interest anybody in the outdoors. Dues are only 10 dollars and they go to equipment as well as the trips. 

Lastly, I visited the Climate & Mind Network club that works on helping students with anxiety about global change. This club helps reinforce a positive mindset about the future where the world is heading. 

After going through numerous clubs, I felt like I had seen so much. There really is a club for anybody here. Check out UConntact for more information about any of the clubs.

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