Bicycle Talk Episode 362:  September 13th 2023:    Ron’s Rant: .  911  tough day. And traffic calming. Wake up America!    On a positive side:  Ron introduces his guest Barbara Amodio. And of course how about that Sepp Kuss and team Jumbo Visma!  Westfield, MA did it!  Mechanical minute and cycling tips: The Creak resolved. Ron explains how he found it and finally solved the problem.   Content:  The Vuelta. Sepp Kuss, and the performance of the Jumbo Visma machine. Wow!  American cyclist rises to the top!  End of week 2 in the Vuelta and look who’s still in the lead!  Stages 17 and 20 this week reviewed. We’re not out of this yet.  Can he do it?  Barbara Amodio, local cycling advocate talks about the Rotary in Motion Free event coming up at the end of the month. Also Ron and Barbara talk about traffic calming.  Events and Finishing Points. 

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