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Bicycle Talk
Bicycle Talk Episode 360

Bicycle Talk Episode 360:  August 30th,  2023:   Ron’s Rant: .Vuelta a España chaos: Crashes, tacks, fan videos determining the results and threat of snow It’s not been an easy weekend for the organizers.  On a positive side:  A quick reminder of back to school.  Why I love bicycle racing and its athletes.  American auto industry’s annual sales were down by more than 1 million units, or 8%.   Mechanical minute and cycling tips: Press fit BB in Carbon frame from last week.  Yup, still got it.   Content:  Listener feedback Ron and Billy heart to heart show last week.  Vuelta starts off  a bit rough. It’s not been an easy weekend for the organizers.   Ron talks Vuelta and carage.  Pedestrians Only: 20 Car-Free Places in America.   The US Auto Industry Doesn’t Have a Supply Problem. It Has a Demand Problem.  Global sales of e-bikes:  50 percent increase compared to 2019’s 200 million.

Watch out auto industry, we’re coming to get you.  Events and Finishing Points.