Bicycle Talk Episode 359:  August 23rd,  2023:   Ron’s Rant: . Right hand turn on cyclist. Really? Ron rants on yesterdays personal event.  On a positive side:  The SteepleChase bike tour is over. Pay attention to those bikes, it’s back to school time. This is a special day! We have an in-studio guest, Mr Billy Dudjoc! This is our first attempt so what you will see here if you are watching live is a different angle on the show. Guess what’s happening this Saturday the 26th of August? Mechanical minute and cycling tips:   Ron shows off his new sealed BB and a cool tool for pressing bearings. Content: Ron covers the right turn on cyclist with total disregard rant from earlier. And  Billy Dudjoc and our very first Ron and Billy “Heart to Heart”  show!  Ron and Billy talk about their open heart surgury experiences even though they are long time cyclists. Can you ride a bike after open heart surgery? How long does it take to fully recover from quadruple bypass surgery?  And finally a mention about next week’s upcoming Vuelta bicycle race. Events and Finishing Points.