Bicycle Talk Episode 344:  May 8th  2023:   Ron’s Rant: We got our first IQ Salute! Idiot driving a behemoth  SUV on a super quiet back road in the middle of nowhere,  Plays chicken with his loaded weapon and then gives us the IQ salute. He wasn’t even trying to pass us, he was going in the opposite direction. What is wrong with people?  On a positive side:  May is National Bike Month. 16 people on the club ride on Saturday!   So did you ride your bike yesterday on National ride your bike day? Bicycles on  Main in old Wethersfield. Mechanical minute and cycling tips: Tubeless tires, What to do with them and are they safe?  Content: Ron dives in deep on the tubeless tire debate with supporting opinions from media and riders. If you are looking for opinions than you came to the right place. Why are drivers getting more aggressive? Ron explores why drivers are becoming more aggressive , mental health, and how we as a society were driven to this by the freed of the automobile industry. Racing news and updates. La Vuelta Femenina and the Giro d Italia.  Events and Finishing Points.