Bicycle Talk Episode 343:  May 1st  2023:   Ron’s Rant:  What’s with our weather?  ​​Cars are dirty, dangerous and not very good at their job of getting people from place to place. So why do Americans love them so much?   On a positive side:  May is National Bike Month. It’s the annual Bicycles on Main in Wethersfield CT. Mechanical minute and cycling tips: The top six reasons your bicycle tire won’t inflate.   Content:  Ron Talks milestone event. Warning signs to watch for that are related to your heart. And Ron Talks about May and Bike Month. Events and happenings. Vuelta Feminina. Women’s Vuelta race in Spain. Starts May 1st. The 106th edition of the 2023 Giro d’Italia starts on Saturday May 6 in Abruzzo.  Ron talks a little about the Giro, one of his favorite races. Car and motorcycle brands are betting heavily on bike shop-quality e-bikes.  Events and Finishing Points.