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Bicycle Talk
Bicycle Talk Episode 335

Bicycle Talk Episode 335:   March 6th 2023:   Ron’s Rant: Phones. Does anyone know how to use one? Parking lots.So much to rant about here.  On a positive side: The classics have started and the excitement of pro bicycle racing is almost making me shake with anticipation!  Weather comes and weather goes. Another mid March weather day in front of us.  And, Welcome to the 2023 season everyone! Good luck to all of our C-Capper kids and parents racing at The Frozen Four Criterium Series.  Mechanical minute and cycling tips:   How to Lock a Bike Without a Rack [5 OPTIONS]  Content:  Let’s talk  about the stupidity of parking spaces and the more about the practical solution of having less of them instead of more. Hartford Hire consultant to add more parking. Really?  Electric cars shouldn’t distract us from changes to the built environment

News that mining of lithium comes up short to solve the climate crisis highlights a need for walkability and micromobility. Tom Pidcock wins Strade Bianche 2023.  Demi Vollering avoids a horse to take photo-finish win at Strade Bianche women.  The  Paris / Nice  begins!  Oh boy, the carnage continues in Arizona:  Quick question, when was the last time your steering wheel locked while driving your motorized vehicle? Really?   Events and Finishing Points.