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Bicycle Talk
Bicycle Talk Episode 330

Bicycle Talk Episode 330: January 30th,  2023:   Ron’s Rant:  The Sun.  Yes, the sun in the eyes of drivers and cyclists being hit by drivers. More in the show.  

On a positive side:  Always a Shout out to  Billy “too tall” Doujac and Laura Mullaley.  The Sun again, we are finally seeing it again.  That’s positive!  Mechanical minute and cycling tips:  Beginner’s guide to indoor cycling: all you need to get started. and can you overdo it on a trainer or indoor bicycle? Content:  Ron talks about the sun, certain times of day and also the low winter sun at certain times of year and the effect it can have on cycling saftey. Also short clips from and taking the cycling challenge. Park the car one day a week and why,. Do the Health Benefits of Cycling Outweigh the Risks?  The classics calendar and the cobbles are coming. Events and finishing points.