Bicycle Talk Episode 329: January 23rd  2023:   Ron’s Rant: Speed Cameras. If we can’t slow them down in the normal fashion, maybe it’s time for cameras. Helpful or harmful?  Also, riding on the not so frozen trails this time of year. Talk about the weather, etc. “Ruts and Rants”  More in the show. On a positive side:  Always a Shout out to  Billy “too tall” Doujac and Laura Mullaley.  Indoor cycling has begun! Spin Spoga (Ron)and Swift (Fran)    “Where’s a cop when you need em?” Ron relates a funny story and he wasn’t even on his bike. Mechanical minute and cycling tips:  Winter service promotions. Time to check in with your LBS and see what they are offering to you. Often shops will discount service on a bike in exchange for you  bringing it to them when they are not busy.  Sweetspot training: the most bang for your training buck? Content:  Ron talks about traffic cameras. Is this too much big brother watching or will it save lives?  NYC 2022 report on speed cameras.  But how does sweetspot training differ from, say, base training or high-intensity interval training? And why should you consider including sweetspot sessions as part of your training? Events and finishing points.