Bicycle Talk Episode 328:   January 16th 2023:   Ron’s Rant:  We rode our bikes in Florida and only had one vehicle honk at us!  More in the show.  On a positive side:  Always a Shout out to  Billy “too tall” Doujac and Laura Mullaley. We are back from Florida!  Land of interesting birds, alligators, snakes to watch out for, and interesting politics. Hmm, interesting how those last two seem so much in common.   Indoor cycling has begun! Spin Spoga (Ron)and Swift (Fran)   Mechanical minute and cycling tips:  Is it OK to hang a bike by its wheels?  Content:  It’s Martin Luther King Day. Did you know that he rode a bike? Ron and Fran talk about their Florida trip with observations and reflections of cycling in Florida, the sunshine state. Ron talks up the state Massachusetts and their new venerable user laws for 2023! The law includes the following critical roadway safety measures.   Events and finishing points.