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Bicycle Talk Episode 324

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Bicycle Talk Episode 324:  December 12th 2022:   Ron’s Rant:   Everyone knows how to ride a bike, “no one knows how to ride a bike”  Wow, not much to rant about. Still on a high from Cross Nationals.  Took a while to thaw out but otherwise, Hmm, more in the show.  On a positive side:  Another  shout out to Too Tall Billy and Laura Mullally.Cross Nationals comes to  Hartford! Shout out to all who signed up to help! Big shout out to Mike and his    organization: Riverfront recapture, the city of Hartford, Mayor Luke Bronin, and USA Cycling.    More in the show.  Mechanical minute and cycling tips:   To pit or not to pit, Why it’s important if you are racing a cross race to have a pit bike and a crew who is not afraid to get muddy in a cross race Content:  Ron talks about how to be a good “pit” crew for cross. USA Cycling National Cyclocross Championships!

The word is Epic! Hartford does cyclocross right .Starting with the weather:  Ah, the weather! Ron breaks down and talks about the Cyclocross Nationals in Hartford, CT. Highlights from the final days. Events and finishing points.