Bicycle Talk Episode 313:  September 19th, 2022:  Ron’s Rant:  Coal Rolled at 4:55 am. Really?  On a positive side:   Another  shout out to Too Tall Billy and Laura Mullally.  The Worlds!  The 2022 Mansfield Hollow Cyclocross  course is close to done.  Mechanical minute and cycling tips: Stretching a new derailleur cable and STI.  Content: Ron talks about being coal rolled at 4:55 in the morning on his way to work. Coal rolling explained, the bad and the ugly. Nothing good about it. Training tips: Miracle Intervals   Cycling Interval Training Workouts to Increase Power. Ron explains 3 powerful examples to help increase your power and speed. Swift is on the move. Watch out Peloton. A week without driving.  The Bicycle Calendar:  Lots of great cycling coming up soon. and finishing points.