Bicycle Talk Episode 310:  August 29th, 2022:  Ron’s Rant:Local Cyclist hit by Dump Truck in Rocky Hill while out riding with her son. Ron reflects on  Laura Mullaley’s story. The quality (or lack there of) of the people participating in cycling events. On a positive side:   Another  shout out to Too Tall Billy!  Big shout out to the TCC for helping with the RIMACONN relay race.   Mechanical minute and cycling tips: What PSI should my gravel bike tires be at?  Content: The Vuelta a España.  And just who is Remco Evenepoel?  Stage 9 results.  Overall results after stage 9.  New Bill Would Mandate Speed Governors and Set Limits on Huge SUVs on NY Streets by 2024. It’s Cyclocross season!   The CT Series of CX  Ron goes over the CT series for 2022.  CCAP Rocky Hill Cyclocross Training series Wednesday nights .  Lots of great cycling coming up soon. and finishing points.